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over the place and wait for the cabs thank you so much. applause. >> mr. attic here? calling names. no? long followed by -- calling names. >> good afternoon sir. >> yeah good afternoon everybody. good afternoon to all of my friends. i'm a yellow cab driver i would like to speak a few things today. the first thing please do not add fifty cents on the meter to get -- please do not do that. second thing i don't want you putting radios tell all the drivers where the pickup that's not the right thing to do.
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please -- do not let the limo take the taxi business. last week on tuesday i was -- the limo double parked waiting for the fair on the hotel come out. please take care of that. i really think of -- that's been going on for years and nobody do nothing good about. one side is for taxi only. that's not acceptable. it's not
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acceptable. i've been here for a long time please take care of that thank you. applause. >> thank you. >> calling names. . i'm going to stop calling their names. >> good afternoon sir. >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. i've been driving yellow cab for 15 years. so you guys are trying to put cabs in front -- the people need it it should be there but you are not regulating uber and the other companies some random guy came up with the idea -- a lot of invest ors in there and they are going to make it public and walk away from it so you should
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listen to the cab drivers try to be in our shoes and you will see how difficult it is to make a living. i bought an medalion about a year ago but today i had to buy it i would have to think twice about it because my income went down 40 percent. just be there drive a cab see how difficult it is how to come up with that money. >> next speaker please. >> calling names. >> is your name brad, sir? >> calling names. >> there you go come on.
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>> i'm just going to read a few more in case they are downstairs . >> good afternoon sir. >> good afternoon. my name is -- i drove my taxi with yellow cab. i'm a new driver. what i want to say now is -- the second i want to oppose collecting from drivers and confiscate they are taking away our money. a hundred dollars is a big money for a new taxi driver and the limo's i don't
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like the limos. >> excuse me ladies and gentlemen one person at a time go ahead sir. >> they are taking our business. they run along side taxi drivers competing with us. thank you. >> thank you, sir. next speaker? >> calling names. . if you hear your name, please let me know if you are in the room. >> okay please come forward. yes? >> hi good afternoon. my name is -- i'm working 3 years. more than 6500 homeless people. do you want 30 thousand more?
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i have in my family 4 people right now 500 more cabs ruin the business. no benefits nothing. thank you for patience. >> okay next speaker. >> calling names. >> i think we got one here thank you, sir. >> hi my name is -- i'm here because i'm against the -- it's very painful to come back each time you have that meeting here and i know you guys make money but we're losing the money and nobody have time and a lot of drivers they don't speak they are shy to speak in front of you guys they don't want to
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speak i want to let you know every driver is against mta and even you talk to in the city any customer they are against mta they hate mt a. why? why they hate arab people? it's very absurd. every one said i hate them so many things i can not talk you know already so please you know they are giving us pain. ninety percent eighty percent of drivers they live in apartment nobody takes the family like steak they take them mac donald's. if we have that much money we should go there too you know. so tell
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everybody what are they wearing? 20 dollars jackets. they have children too so think about that please. i know you are going to give the next -- we can not come you know how painful for them to come here and they are shy to speak and they don't want to come and speak in front of you they respect you whatever please please thank you. >> thank you. >> calling names. >> good afternoon sir. >> my name is -- i think it's bad time right now to put more cabs on the road. i'm not making any money. my personally
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money has gone down fifty percent since i've seen all these uber cabs running around and they are stealing our business every day and all the limos in front of the hotels they don't let cabs park there they are just blocking and they are double parking and it's really bad time you should consider once in a while driving your personal car see how the taxis are driving please don't put more cabs but do something about illegal limos and uber and that cars. >> thank you, sir. >> calling names. hi >> hi good afternoon for
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everyone. i've been working as cab driver since 1988 and i bought medalion years ago for 250 thousand dollars i feel so unfair i bought 250 thousand dollars for medalion but uber runaround city every where and i wonder if i made the right decision or not for other reasons for security and somebody in the uber how do i know what color screen what number so weird for me. hopefully i like -- thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker please. >> calling names. >> hi i am against if mta in the future i think only the taxi companies in san francisco we can work with mta because mta controls extra things. the second thing is so many limos and the buses in the mosconi center they have no place to park the taxis nobody take care and they took the business also
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to the taxi and the taxi go home empty. they have families they have a children they also have a feelings. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker? >> calling names. >> good afternoon i've been driving a taxi in san francisco since 1978 when i started driving there were 711 medalions on the street i have no idea how many now it's gotten like a war zone out there i was on third street crossing market the other day and some town car cuts me off 3 lanes
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just to pickup these people on the street and it wasn't even a cab it was a town car and it's gotten crazy it's really dangerous now to go out there and i could go on like this but everything the people have said today is absolutely true please pay attention to everybody thank you tlaus. applause. >> next speaker. >> calling names. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen i think more cabs is not the solution i think more cabs means more pollution in the city. adding cabs is more suffering for the drivers we don't need more cabs we drive 2
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or 3 hours empty we go to the airport empty we're circling around with no customers so please no more cabs please thank you. >> next speaker actually i'll read these names one last time --
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>> are any of these folks here? >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon everyone i'm here to speak. >> please tell us your name. >> n u.n. brm i'm recently joined the taxi cab in san francisco you guys know how long it's going to take to be a driver in san francisco it takes 4 months to get the id to get the badge to get everything to go to the streets but it's a
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tough job what i see there's lots of cabs without any permit lots of cars without any permit nobody knows if they are registered or not what they are doing with the city. if you have a good car you can take a must tang you can do the business i feel like why i spend my full month almost like 3 hundred dollars and every day 115 dollars to the cab company. i want i respect the united states and i respect the law i want to go with the law but what i see a lot of people going against the law and not following the things. each and every rule helps for the drivers the taxi cab drivers we
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work with the people we help the people to get the grocery to get appointment to get to the doctor appointment but there's no one there there's no limo must tang for them when people are drunk we take them home. everything happens they can complain about us. but a must tango owe there is ang there is no one. uber there is no one. thank you very much. >> we'll go to about 3 and take a short break at that point. >> mr. chair man at this point rather than continuing to read names i'm going to ask people in this room just to speak up step forward stand upstate your name and we'll just go with
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that. >> hi what's your name sir? >> the state of california is full of communists and terrorists corruption and -- >> excuse me: >> the current situation calls for new taxes and medallion demand and supply created this business. the evolvement -- san francisco minimum wage and inexperienced drivers are hurting the cities respect ability the city as lost the america's can cup share of the anticipated refer revenue. there is an event tonight. the
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airport and streets are not able to afford and maintain a lot of what government and employees want for the city the investment isn't there the milking is tell your constituents to pay for the luxuries taxi cabs are a luxury as evidence by demand. if everyone made as much as 10 years ago the story would be very different. the real pig here is real estate that most people cannot afford. the oldest bakery in paris -- now they are no longer open. keep the city respectable and the gem that it is and magnificent
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applause. >> thank you. my name is mic -- you have spoken already? >> yes. >> the rules of the city of san francisco thank you very much. next speaker please come forward? >> my name is stewart -- i am a driver and an owner. i drove last friday and i'm down at the hyatt, regency there was a black car parked in the taxi place where they wait and he told me in a sense to take a hike not so politely he's not going to move. i tried to stop
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at the taxi stand i tried to stop there there's no parking place you got a limo a bunch of black cars no parking place. down triple five california there's a taxi zone half the time the black cars are right in front of the entrance there. these problems have been truly arising and have come up substantially in particular you find it necessary to double the car price in 2 years what is it? 97 something now and 2 years ago was 53 dollars? you want money? there's a simple way to do it those limos and black cars which are parking on taxi zones how about a five hundred dollars fine each time they do it? applause. that
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just might change a few minds and finally one more simple thing to oboe owe serve observe. the attitude we're getting now as drivers and the attitude you get when you tell someone they are parking in the line in the taxi line applause. >> my name is -- a taxi driver in town taxi. it's been known for years that a taxi is a vehicle that has all the safety. if the passenger rides the taxi he will be safe. he
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can read the driver badge so why do you have a solution for the other vehicles to have something like that. if you add more cabs, you have to let the gate for the companies to make the gate less otherwise 20 dollars a day and that's not fair and thank you so much. applause. we will be breaking in about five. >> thank you i started driving in 79. we were picking up at the airport. my pet peeve there's a line double parked limos and town car and see right in front of the clift hotel so you can't even get down to pickup those people and
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they think they can do anything they want. i want to echo we could shut this city down you guys are pissing off a lot of people. we're better than the united nations we're not getting paid to come to this you guys got to help us you got to rut route for us. these people don't have to pickup the paraplegic people. these people don't have to do any of the things that we have to do absolutely nothing any way i love you all i think you are great you do your best and you are better off than most of us.
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applause. i have two things i'd like to say here first thing is taxi is the backbone of the city and it is not it's also a culture representing our city and if the other day i was driving and one of my passengers said that hey i see an m u.s. tang car on the road what should i call them a taxi? that's one thing i'd like to say and the second thing is the future is not a solution more cabs i know that taxi there are some problems that we need to fix but more cabs is not a solution and i've been driving in the taxi industry for on and
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off for 16 years i know what's going on and if any of you here like to hear a real voice of a taxi driver i would be happy to meet you thank you very much. one more speaker come forward then we'll do the break. good afternoon sir my name is -- i'd like to approach the point regarding the electronic radio for 8 years we cried tried to get a raise you ignored us but finally now you are going to take it back by way of electronic radio. from every fare imagine how much it is one shift that raising taxes it's nothing other than class
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warfare that's how i see it. i'm against trying to raise families the pressure is too much than on any other public employee you are trying to cover the muni budget crisis on the back of hard working cabbies it's not fair it's not moral. thank you. >> we're in recess and we'll be right back thank you. >>
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